Comfort Calm Soft Chews front
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Comfort Calm Soft Chews front
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Comfort Calm Soft Chews


  • Calming Support For Dogs - Support balanced behavior and promote relaxation with a once-a-day supplement.
  • Flexible Dosage - Comfort Calm Soft Chews give you the ease and simplicity of a once-a-day supplement or can be take as needed.
  • Infused with Ocean Kelp - Our OptiLife3™ formula, made with natural ocean kelp, provides antioxidants and prebiotics to reduce the effects of normal environmental stress and support a healthy immune system and digestive health.

Product Details


120 mg
Ocean Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum)
120 mg
Ginger Root Powder
50 mg
Valerian Root Powder
50 mg
Thiamine HCl
36 mg
20 mg


Inactive Ingredients

Cane Molasses, Canola Oil, Dried Chicken Liver, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Lecithin, Mixed Tocopherols, Potato Flour, Potato Starch and Sorbic Acid

Directions for Use

This product may be used either intermittently or on a daily basis for ongoing support. Provide fresh water at all times. For best results give 30-60 minutes prior to any stressful event or situation.


How do Vet’s Best Comfort Calm supplements work? Do I need to give more to start?

Vet’s Best Comfort Calm uses naturally occurring active ingredients, which have calming properties to aid in relaxation as your pup encounters stress and tension from travel, loud noises, and big events. We suggest first trying out Vet’s Best Comfort Calm during a less stressful event to determine how your pet reacts to the supplement. This will help you determine if your little one will need to be re-dosed right before the event, and 6-8 hours following, or if the initial dose will be enough for your pet.

Can I use two supplements together?

In many cases, multiple supplements can be used in conjunction. However, it is crucial to ensure they do not contain the same active ingredients to avoid overconsumption, as well not providing two of the same types of supplements, e.g., two joint supplements, two seasonal allergy supplements, even if they have different active ingredients. Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing new supplements into your pet’s regimen to ensure the safety of the supplement with any prescribed medications, as well as making sure your pet will benefit from the addition of the supplement in their routine. Lastly, read the product label through entirely before providing any supplement to your pet.