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The Power of OptiLife3

OptiLife3 Ocean Kelp is now in our NEW line of soft chew supplements for dogs!

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Overview At this year’s Global Pet Expo, Vet’s Best introduced Vet’s Best Soft Chews, a line of seven health supplements for dogs with simple, once-a-day dosage. Vet’s Best Soft Chews are designed for pet parents looking for easy and effective health supplements for their pooches made with natural, high quality ingredients. Products/Health Benefits Advanced Hip […]

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Tips & Tricks
Total Protection for Your Home and Furry Friend

When flea and tick season hits, you’ll want a FULL LINE of defense to keep your pet and home free of pests. Watch the video on the Vet’s Best YouTube channel to see how to get effective, NATURAL treatment. While you’re there check out the other videos that will introduce you to even more innovations […]

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Tips & Tricks
Tips for Protecting Cats and Dogs Against Fleas & Ticks

If you think fleas and ticks are just a summer problem, think again. In some regions of the country, these pests are with us year-round! Here are some tips to help prevent and/or deal with pest infestations both on your pet and in your home: Put pets that go outside on monthly flea prevention medication. […]

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