Perfect Fit Washable Male Dog Wrap - Small/Medium

Vet’s Best Perfect Fit Washable Male Dog Wrap is for dogs with icontinence, excitable urination, and marking issues. Our small to medium size reusable belly bands provide free mobility and a custom fit to dogs with a 15 to 23 inch waist (such as miniature poodle, beagle, or Pekingese). The built-in hook and eye belt is easy to use, a moisture-wicking liner keeps your dog dry and cozy, and the super-absorbent microfiber pads and leak-proof barrier provide peace of mind at home or on long trips.

  • COMFORTABLY TAILORED - Vet’s Best Perfect Fit Washable Male Dog Wrap in the small/medium size fits male dogs with a 15 - 23 inch waist (such breeds as miniature poodle, beagle, Pekinese, and Maltese).
  • VERSATILE AND REUSABLE - A perfectly reusable solution for managing your male dog’s urinary incontinence, excitable urination, or marking issues.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT - A repositionable closure and adjustable elastic band provide a custom fit, allowing for increased movement and flexibility without compromising leak protection or absorbency.
  • ENGINEERED FOR DRYNESS - A moisture-wicking layer keeps your dog dry and comfortable while super-absorbent microfiber pads work to contain his urine. A leak-proof barrier and durable outer fabric keep the mess in the wrap and off your home surfaces.
  • FREEDOM FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG - Worry-free protection for your home and unhindered movement for your male dog. All from a convenient, easy to use wrap.


  1. Adjust to the perfect measurement with the built-in hook-and-eye belt.
  2. Pull the adjustable elastic band and secure with the button for a comfortable and secure fit.



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