Comfort-Fit Disposable Female Dog Diapers – Small

Protect your home from accidents and restore peace of mind for everyone.

  • Provides a comfortable fit for small female dogs with a 16- to 22-inch waist
  • Solves problems including female urinary incontinence, excitable urination, heat cycles and travel-induced urination
  • Informs you when it’s time for a change at a glance, with a wetness indicator
  • Fur-safe, repositionable fasteners give your dog the best fit every time—meaning no leaks
  • Contains 12 disposable female dog diapers


With the printed waistband on your pet’s back and padding facing in, slip the hole of the diaper over your pet’s tail. Move the tabbed portion of the diaper between the back legs and snug against your pet’s underbelly. Pull the adjustable tabs up and around, securing them onto the printed waistband. Change when soiled.


Available in Small, Medium and Large


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