Dental Care Finger Wipes front
Dental Care Finger Wipes back
Dental Care Finger Wipes front
Dental Care Finger Wipes back

Dental Care Finger Wipes



  • Cleans Teeth & Gums: Keep your dog's teeth and gums clean and healthy with these dental wipes
  • Freshens Breath: Say goodbye to bad dog breath with these dental teeth wipes
  • Natural Ingredients: All-natural ingredients and a gentle formula insures that your pet's mouth is not exposed to any harmful substances

Product Details


Purified water, Denatured Alcohol, Glycerin, Emulsifier, Preservative, Green Tea Extract, Grapefruit seed extract, Spearmint Oil, Deodorizer, Thyme oil, Sucralose, Citric acid.

Directions for Use

Introduce your pet to the smell and texture of the product. With the finger wipe on your finger, gently rub the teeth and gums in a circular motion. Repeat with clean finger wipe if necessary and dispose of used finger wipes. Use up to once per day or as needed. For best results allow no food or water 30 minutes before and after application.


If I accidentally use more than flea and tick product than instructed, what should I do?

If you have accidentally applied our flea and tick products to your pet more than what is outlined on the package, please bathe your pet with warm water and dish soap, to remove the product from your pet. Do not use any flea and tick shampoos to bathe your pet to remove excess product from their skin, as this could add to the amount, instead of removing them. Additionally, please wait 48 hours after bathing to re-applying any flea and tick product. 

Our Cotton Spice formulas can be used up to twice weekly, with 48 hours between use. 

Our Peppermint formulas can be used up to twice daily, allowing 2-4 hours between use, not to exceed twice in 24 hours.

Can I use other dental supplements in conjunction with Vet’s Best Dental powder?

We do not suggest using multiple supplements that are intended for the same purpose. Always consult your veterinarian before introducing new supplements into your pet’s regimen to ensure the safety of the supplement with any prescribed medications, as well as making sure your pet will benefit from the addition of the supplement in their routine.