Pet Health is More than Skin Deep

Nurture your pet’s health from the inside out, and from the outside in.

Tapping Into Mother Nature

Did you know that your pet’s overall health can be seen in the health of their skin? Believe it or not, dogs and cats have far more sensitive skin than their human owners. Skin health is key to overall health and that’s why Vet’s Best takes great measures to develop products that support skin health. Dry, flaky, itchy, raw skin conditions often go more than skin deep.

Some causes? Diet deficiencies, allergies, metabolic problems, exposure to fleas, and dry or hot environments. Vet’s Best works to create formulas aimed at maintaining normal healthy skin and organ functions – with great success. It’s led to a robust line of natural health systems specifically designed for your pet’s life style and life stage. When you purchase a product from Vet’s Best you can be confident that your pet’s health will be nurtured from the inside out, and from the outside in.


We realize that your pet has an important place in your life and family. For some, your pet is your life and only top of the line will do. Maybe your pet is older or has a health condition and it's incredibly important that you be choosy about what goes in and on your pet. Or perhaps while you love having your pet around, you just want to keep it simple.

Retail Products Group (RPG) believes that having a pet is a JOY that everyone should experience. The company is comprised of a family of brands that serve pet parents of all kinds. Whether you are a selective/choosy, convenience-driven, cost-conscious, trendy, or responsible pet parent, you'll find an ever-growing collection of pet products that remove the inconveniences of having a pet... and help enhance the joys of life with your furry friend. Whether you need dietary supplements, shampoo, bags, leashes, stain removal, diapers or flea and tick solutions, the RPG family of products make it easy to be a good pet parent:

Pet waste pick up is a necessity. For responsible pet parents who make it a habit to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, Bags on Board provides strong, reliable solutions that make the job a lot less yucky and are good for the environment.

Pet care products should work without breaking the bank. For savvy pet parents who look to buy pet products that work well without breaking the bank, OUT! pet care products provide affordable, yet safe, pet care products that quickly get the job done.

Pets make stains and leave odors. For pet parents who care about the health of their family and the appearance of a clean home even while maintaining a busy lifestyle, Simple Solution provides effective, time-saving products to make life simple.

Internal and external pet health matters. For pet parents who research the best products and are selective in what they put in and on their very important furry family members, Vet's Best is a veterinarian-recommended brand that is committed to using natural, safe ingredients.

The Vet Behind Vet's Best: Dr. Dawn Thomas

Vets_Best-Desktop-About-Dr_Dawn_ThomasDr. Dawn Curie Thomas, DVM was born into a family of scientists. Her mother explored the natural world long before it became fashionable. This approach to health care was as firmly planted in her soul as her love of animals.

After she started her practice, Dr. Thomas saw that commonly prescribed medicines often caused harsh side effects in the animals she was trying to help. So, she began tapping into Mother Nature. In the 1980s, the idea of natural health treatments for animals was far ahead of its time. Dr. Thomas forged ahead and found she had a special knack for knowing which ingredients worked best together. She researched thoroughly and formulated with great care. And, no surprise to her, it worked.

Word about her successes spread. Pet parents drove hundreds of miles for her unique discoveries. Her early formulas expanded into today's Vet's Best product line. In every bottle, pet lovers will find 25 years of dedication to perfectly natural health care for their pets.

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